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About us

founders Furrniture - Julie Feys Robin Dehondt

We are Julie and Robin, the founders of Furrniture. We both grew up in Ostend. Now we live together in Brussels with our 2 cats, Mila and Pipa. With Furrniture we want to overcome the frustrations that scratching posts bring. Our goal is to make scratching posts that fit into the interior, last longer and that the cat will love.

How did Furrniture originate?

Furrniture's story started with the adoption of our little Mila. We have both always had cats at home. It didn't take long until we got our own kitten. Before we could welcome Mila, it was time to make our apartment 'catproof'. The search for everything she needed had begun. When looking at the scratching posts, we were disappointed. We were frustrated by the typical colours, the kitschy plush and the weak, bombastic constructions.

That is why we decided to make a scratching post for Mila ourselves. DIY projects always appealed to us. For example, we had already made some small furniture for our apartment. With material lying around we started on a first small scratching post.

Baby Mila's first scratching post

This was Mila's first scratching post. Robin clearly had little say in the colour ;). We quickly got back to work for a bigger scratching post, as our fluffy princess grew quickly.

In the meantime it was time for Julie's thesis, a market research. For this we found it interesting to research scratching posts. We wondered if others also shared our frustrations. The results showed that we were clearly not alone. This made us think about launching a better scratching post on the market ourselves.

Soon we had a lot of ideas and started experimenting in the garage. After the first ideas were approved by Mila, we started drawing up a business plan, coming up with a name and designing a logo. Furrniture was officially started.


2019 - The Garage

Zoals many starting entrepreneurs, we are starting prototypes in the garage at home. Here the SKY was developed into a product and our first orders were handmade from start to finish.

2020 - Our work place

We soon needed a larger space for our production. At the end of 2019 we moved to our studio in Brussels. We made our scratching posts here for almost a year. We continuously adjusted our production process to improve our product and speed up the process. Increasing growth in the number of orders made it difficult for us to deliver on time. All focus was on the production of the scratching posts. So we started looking for help.

End of 2020 - Sheltered workplace

We found the perfect partner who will support our production. We chose to work with a Belgian sheltered workplace. This is a company that employs people who cannot enter the "regular" employment circuit. This keeps our production local, handmade and socially responsible. We collect our materials from Belgian and European suppliers. Our scratching posts are made with a focus on our values: local economy, sustainable and with a heart for cats.

Furrniture supports Dreamcatchers

With Furrniture we also want to make a difference for the cats that are less lucky. Our goal is to support many organizations that help stray cats to a better life. The first organization that we help with this is Dreamcatchers. Dreamcatchers is a cat adoption cafe in Ghent. They help socialize cats that have been in shelters for a long time. In addition, they provide advice on peaceful coexistence with cats. We have a lot of admiration for Evelyne, the founder, and the Dreamcatchers volunteers. We are happy to do our bit. Moreover, Evelyne taught us a lot about cats and their behavior. Dreamcatchers is the beginning for us. We hope, together with our customers, to help many more cats.