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moderne krabpaal - Furrniture
moderne krabpaal (champagne) - Furrniture
moderne krabpaal (bruin) - Furrniture
Moderne krabpaal sisaltapijt
krabpaal sisaltapijt


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Product information

The best place in the house for cats of all sizes


Cats are attracted to higher places. It gives a better overview of their environment and a safe feeling. The Sky gives your cat its own space up high - ideal for spending the day. A full day of climbing, observing and sleeping.


Loose sisal rope threads are a major frustration for cat owners. To prevent this, we use high-quality sisal carpet. In sisal carpet, sisal is tightly woven, so that it cannot come loose. This way you have a scratching post that lasts longer. Your cat will also like it more. Because the vertical lines provide a more pleasant feeling while scratching.


Scratching is good for the health of the cat. Cats scratch to stretch their muscles and relieve stress. The longer they can stretch, the more pleasant the scratching. With our continuous 90cm pole, your cat will enjoy a good stretch. In addition, the long pole challenges your cat to climb. This way he/she has the necessary exercise and will feel good.

Indoor cats need the same challenges they can find outside. Playing, climbing and scratching are essential for your cat's health. This asks for a sturdy designed scratching post.The heavy base plate, wide posts with a diameter of 12 cm and strong screws provide the necessary stability.


After playing, it is time for a nap nice up high. From this spot they feel safe and have a good overview of the space. The spacious sleeping areas have soft cushions, ideal for lying on all day. The cushions are removable and machine-washable.  

Delivery time:

4 - 5 weeks.

Free delivery and returns. 15 days test period.

Help with your choice

 Steps or not?

Cats are real climbers. Both models give your cat a fun challenge and a safe feeling. But the behavior of cats is sometimes a mystery. If you are unsure whether your cat will need the steps, we are happy to give you some advice:

No steps:
- The pole comes next to another platform such as a seat, table or cupboard. Your cat will most likely go from this platform to the Sky. Because it is easier.
- You have an older cat. The steps help to go up and down.
- The steps are a nice extra for kittens to play with.
- You like the model with steps more.


The colours:

You have a choice between 4 colours of sisal carpet, for the best match with your interior.

We recommend the lighter colours 'Natural' and 'Champagne' for a natural/Scandinavian or bohemian interior.
The 'Brown' for a natural or bohemian interior.
The 'Grey' for a modern interior.


Dimensions & material

The scratching post has been tested by large and small cats of different breeds such as Maine Coone, Ragdoll and British Shorthair. And is resistant up to a weight of 15 kg.

Basic model

Total Scratching Post: 140cm H x 78cm W x 65cm L

Bottom plate: 70cm W x 55cm L x 3cm D

Sleeping areas 2x: 50cm W x 40cm L. L

Large pole: 90cm H x 12cm Ø

Small pole: 40cm H x 12cm Ø

Model with steps

Total Scratching Post: 140cm H x 78cm W x 70cm L

Bottom plate: 70cm W x 55cm L x 3cm D

Sleeping areas 2x: 50cm W x 40cm L. L

Large pole: 90cm H x 12cm Ø

Small pole: 40cm H x 12cm Ø


The scratching post is made out of strong mdf and has been treated with finishing lacquer. This lacquer makes cleaning the boards easy.

The poles of the scratching post are covered with quality sisal carpet.

The cushions are made from a soft, but tight furniture fabric (92% Polyester, 8% Nylonlon) for a modern look.
- Wash at 30°C
- Not in the dryer
- Do not iron



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