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Risk-free testing for 15 days

You can test the scratching post for 15 days. Does your cat still prefer to sit in the box? Then we take back the scratching post and pay back the amount .

Free delivery and return

Free delivery and return is included with the purchase of our scratching posts.

3 year warranty

We give a 3 year warranty on our scratching posts to assure you of our high quality standards.

Everything a cat's heart desires


Scratching is good for a cat’s health. Scratching helps cats to stretch their muscles and relieve stress. The longer they can stretch, the more pleasant the scratching. With our continuous 90cm pole, your cat will enjoy a good stretch . This way your cat will immediately feel tip top again.


Indoor cats need the same challenges they can find outside. Playing, climbing and scratching are essential to your cat's movement. This includes a sturdy designed scratching post, with a heavy base plate, wide posts and strong screws for the necessary stability .


After playing, it's time for a nap nice up high. From this spot they feel safe and have a good overview of the space. The spacious sleeping areas have soft cushions, ideal for lying on all day. The cushions are easy removable and washing machine safe.

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